The Power Of Photoshop

Photoshop, with its versatile set of tools, allows for the artful and meticulous restoration of images that have weathered the passage of time. Whether it’s faded family photos, vintage illustrations, or historical documents, this powerful software enables us to breathe new life into visual memories. By carefully adjusting colours, repairing damaged areas, and reducing blemishes, through Photoshop we serve as a digital time machine, transporting aged images back to their original splendour. The process of image restoration is both a technical endeavour and a creative one, merging the precision of technology with the artistry of preserving history and cherished moments.

Our team here at Clifton Colour has extensive knowledge when it comes to the restoration of images. With thousands of combined hours, we are capable of things you would not even imagine. We are well exercised in the functionality of image repair and promise to deliver the best service we can.

Base rate of £25/hour of work, image needs to be seen to provide quote