Media Transfer

We can transfer your favourite images from camera cards, phones, slides, negatives and prints to CD/DVD, keeping your memories in a high quality and long lasting format.

Camera Cards

We can transfer your camera card images or video to a CD or DVD. If you prefer you can put them onto a Kodak picture CD, and select images yourself on one of our Kodak Kiosks. These contain image manipulation software so you can make any alterations you’d like.

Or why not create up to 60 of your images in a mini movie complete with music and ready in minutes? This is so easy to do on our Kodak Kiosks available in store.


Size Price
Kodak Movie DVD £12.00
up to 700mb £3.00 per card
up to 2gb £5.00 per card
up to 4gb £7.50 per card
extra cards
(same cd/dvd)
add £2.00

Slide Scanning

We can scan individual 35mm colour slides at two resolutions, standard res (1000x1500px) and high res (2000x3000px).  Scans are made with dust and scratch reduction and colour correction.  We can also scan 110 and 126 format slides (smaller file sizes)

Slide Scanning Pricing

No of slides Price per scan
1-5 £1.50
6-20 £1.00
21-30 80p
31-49 70p
50-100 50p
101-200 40p
201+ 35p

For writing to CD add £3 per CD for standard res and £10 per CD for High res.


We can also make very high resolution, high quality scans if required, from most medium format/35mm slides - all done in store at Clifton Colour

Slide Collection Scanning

Do you have an old slide collection? Lost your projector? NO PROBLEM!  Visit all these memories again by putting them all on disc, so you can view them on any jpeg playing DVD player. Once on disc you can easily create prints, enlargements, canvases and gifts from those special memories. 

These scans are approximately 1600x2400px but do not benefit from dust and scratch reduction or colour correction.  If you are worried about the condition of your slides, please discuss your options with us.  The minimum order is for 50 slides.


Slide Collection Pricing


From - 35p per slide.   £3 per CD.


35mm Film

Put your films onto CD whilst you have them processed and printed from just £1.00 for standard scans (1000x1500px)

We can also create high resolution scans (2000x3000px) if you prefer from only £10.00 per film.

Both services are available on any of our service times including the sameday process.


We can scan your black and white or colour negatives (35mm and APS) onto disc for storage and digital use.

Scans are made at our standard resolution of 1000x1500px or our higher resolution of 2000x3000px and digital ice technology is used on the colour scans to improve the quality if your negatives are scratched or dirty.  Files are saved in JPEG format.


Pre Developed Negs Pricing

No of Negatives Price per scan
1-5 £1.50
6-20 £1.00
21-30 80p
31-49 70p
50-100 50p

For a standard res CD add £3 per CD and £10 per CD for high res.

We are also able to scan other negative formats to disc including medium format, 110 and 126 negs. Please ask for prices.

Savings can be made by scanning complete films (max 40 negs). Discounts may be available for bulk orders.  All work is done in store at Clifton Colour


Pre Dev'd films to CD


Format Price
35mm colour £7.00
APS colour £8.00
35mm b/w £15.00


An individual, high quality print scan (300dpi or higher resolution if required by output) service is available to reproduce prints or to store on disc

Individual Scans for prints

No of prints Price per scan
1-5 £1.50
6-20 £1.20
21+ £1.00
CD £3.00

If you are in a hurry, Clifton Colour’s instant print from print service will give you prints of up to 12x8 in size while you wait.  Please see in store for current prices.

Shoebox Scans

Do you have a large number of photos just stored in boxes under the bed or in the loft, where they’re in danger of dust damage and neglect?

You can keep them all safe, secure and free from damage by putting them on disc using our shoebox scan service. This service is available for prints of mixed sizes from wallet size up to 10x8ins. Not only will this service preserve your prints and allow you to print more, it is ideal for home slide shows or to convert them into a mini movie DVD on one of our Kodak Kiosks.

Shoebox Scans for prints to CD only


Up to 20 images £12.00
Up to 40 images £17.00
Up to 60 images £22.00
Up to 80 images £27.00
Up to 120 images £37.00
Up to 200 images £52.00



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Our Photo Lab

The lab is fully digital capable of producing prints, enlargements, photogifts and much more from any digital media, slides or negatives. It is also fully equipped to process and print traditional 35mm film and single use camera’s.

We have an Apex (Adaptive picture exchange) dry lab capable of producing high quality instant prints in a satin or gloss finish from small mini prints (3x2 inches) to large 12x8 enlargements ready in seconds.

With the ever growing world of digital cameras and equipment we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of available technology for printing and producing the best results from your media.

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to continue to give our customers the widest range of services available.

We also have 6 in-store Kodak self-service instant print Kiosks.