Passport Photos for Most Countries

When it comes to passport and identity photos, it’s important to choose a photographer that can get the job done quickly, accurately and without fuss.

Identity photos are perfect for passports, driving licenses, CVs, student ID, bus passes, visas or other IDs.

At Clifton Colour we take ID photos for all ages from babies to adults, and provide  photos for most countries passport and visa requirements.


We are fully aware of the sizes and criteria required for a wide range of countries (including America, India, France and Canada), and if you simply bring the requirements with you, we will ensure we get the perfect passport, visa or identity photo for you.

Just call in today and have your ID photo taken by  one of our friendly experienced staff members in our mini studio.





passport photos

Our Photo Lab

The lab is fully digital capable of producing prints, enlargements, photogifts and much more from any digital media, slides or negatives. It is also fully equipped to process and print traditional 35mm film and single use camera’s.

We have an Apex (Adaptive picture exchange) dry lab capable of producing high quality instant prints in a satin or gloss finish from small mini prints (3x2 inches) to large 12x8 enlargements ready in seconds.

With the ever growing world of digital cameras and equipment we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of available technology for printing and producing the best results from your media.

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to continue to give our customers the widest range of services available.

We also have 6 in-store Kodak self-service instant print Kiosks.