In-Store Services

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Digital Prints

Clifton Colour makes colour, sepia or black and white prints from most digital sources.  Professional photographic prints up to 12"x18" are made with either a gloss or a semi-gloss finish.  We use a professional semi-gloss paper for Ink Jet prints up to A1.  All prints are hand graded by our experienced staff.

Instant prints upto 12x8 available in-store on one of our 5 Kodak kiosks

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Prints from Mobile phones

Create photos and enlargements direct from your mobile phones in seconds in store at Clifton Colour  

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Framing Service

Frames made to fit

We have a wide range of frames instore and are always happy to frame your images for you.

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Film Processing

Clifton Colour has provided a 35mm  processing service for over 25 years. We use a Noritsu DL1005 drylab with professional Noritsu inks papers and  hand grade all our printing to give you the best quality prints from your negatives.

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Photo Gifts

A range of customised gifts, produced in-store for that special someone.

Made from your own images.

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Canvas Wraps

Our premium quality, heat sealed canvas wraps are printed, sealed and stretched in store at Clifton Colour.

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Video Transfer

Share and preserve your special memories to DVD.

We can transfer your camcorder and VHS tapes onto DVD's on-site at Clifton Colour.

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Media Transfer

We can transfer your favourite images from camera cards, phones, slides, negatives and prints to CD/DVD, keeping your memories in a high quality and long lasting format.

Make new prints or enlargements from your favourite prints or slides for your own use or for sharing, or turn colour prints into Black and White.

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Print from Print & Slides

Quality prints and enlargments made from your photographs and slides in a gloss or semi-gloss finish

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Poster Prints

Poster prints are printed on a semi gloss heavyweight Tecco professional quality paper using a high quality Epson printer and inks for long life stunning images.

Art paper posters now available

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Kodak Instant Kiosk

5 In store instant print kiosks

Click here for a list of available products from these easy to use Kiosks

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Photo Restoration and Editing

Clifton Colour can restore or repair your old or new photos.

Backgrounds cleaned, people added or removed.

All restoration made onsite; we send nothing away

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Our Photo Lab

The lab is fully digital capable of producing prints, enlargements, photogifts and much more from any digital media, slides or negatives. It is also fully equipped to process and print traditional 35mm film and single use camera’s.

We have an Apex (Adaptive picture exchange) dry lab capable of producing high quality instant prints in a satin or gloss finish from small mini prints (3x2 inches) to large 12x8 enlargements ready in seconds.

With the ever growing world of digital cameras and equipment we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of available technology for printing and producing the best results from your media.

We will continue to invest in the latest technology to continue to give our customers the widest range of services available.

We also have 6 in-store Kodak self-service instant print Kiosks.